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guitar, keys, & vocals

Born and raised in northeast Indiana, Pierce always knew that he wanted more from life than the cornfields (that he was put to work in at 13) had to offer. He had been singing since before he could read and he wrote his first album before he could play an instrument. Picking up the piano quickly as soon as there was one in the house, he realized the magic in music that so many of us come to experience. At the age of 22 he moved to the Houston area in search of a bigger music scene to tackle.

Bass & BG Vocals

Chris started playing music at the age of 7 when he began piano lessons. In middle school, he would join the choir and eventually join the guitar club. At 16 he started playing bass and knew that playing music was his passion. He went on to join several bands in high school and started having the most fun he could have with his boots on! Chris met Pierce in early 2021 and they instantly knew they hit the jackpot meeting each other. After meeting Will, he knew that they had something special that was very energetic and all-around FUN!


Guitar & BG Vocals

Nick started playing guitar at 14 years old and fell in love with the instrument after having spent some time playing cello and piano. Nick began discovering rock n' roll and blues music through guitar playing and had found his passion. After quite a few years of playing in various bands in Houston, Nick found himself playing next door to another blonde, curly-headed fellow named Pierce. Soon after, Nick began hanging out and jamming with Pierce, Chris, and Will and joined the band.

Drums & BG Vocals

Since the age of 4 or 5, it became apparent to those around Will that rhythm was something that came quite naturally to him. Being a naturally restless child, he would often get in trouble at school tapping on desks with pencils, and when those were taken, his hands on his legs. This, seemingly mindless tapping, became the foundation for what later turned to an obsession when he began lessons at age 9, and bought his first set at 10. In the years since, Will has joined and formed a variety of bands, toured with multiple independent artists, and recorded multiple studio projects, ultimately leading him to join The Purple Moon, after meeting Chris, and then Pierce.



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